Third Week at Google

Wow has it really been three weeks already? On one hand it feels like it has zoomed by pretty fast – on the other hand it has felt a bit like dog weeks. It has been a very busy time!
A lot of folks have emailed assuming that, or asking if, I’d be completely focused on Android. First off, my apologies for failing to respond to many of you – I’ve been so focused on work that my personal email (and LinkedIn, and Facebook, and Twitter DM) is a cluttered mess. But secondly, you bet, I’m focusing on Android because it is a great games platform, but I am not dedicated to Android. I am dedicated to: GAMES! The Android team is doing really well, and they have engaged with the game developer community more than any other team at Google. Some of you have shared with me ways they can improve, and I really appreciate that! There are also many other interesting things going on at Google that are game-related. Many of them you will hear about over time, and many of them are already available and just not widely used for games yet. Google is a big place, with lots of smart people and interesting tech, and I’m enjoying fascinating conversations.
Of course, Google I/O is coming up in a few weeks, so if you’ll be there and are interested in meeting up for a chat, drop me a line!
On the personal side, I am slowly getting less hectic, although I am still thinking about work 24/7. 🙂 Taking the Google shuttle to work as much as possible is helping my state of mind – an hour on email and news on a comfy bus is much preferrable to an hour focused on crazy traffic in my comfy car. (Though I do like my comfy car!) I won’t always be able to take the shuttle, but when I can it is definitely a win.
Last Thursday MB and I took an evening to finish emptying out my old office on New Montgomery Street. While I was sad to leave there since I’d been in that office about two years, I think MB might have been even sadder since now our office is full of boxes and office furniture parts. Part of the weekend was spent reducing that, but if anyone in San Francisco is interested in a big huge Scandinavian Design desk and shelf unit, let me know!
It was the first weekend since starting at Google that I’ve been at home and relaxing, and that helped me clear my brain a bit. I realized I need to spend more time reducing entropy. 🙂 Mac and I are becoming friends, and that helps since we are living together pretty tightly now. I still feel like I’m wearing mittens when using the Mac sometimes, but going back to my WinXP laptop I miss the two-finger swipe and the overall MacBook reliability. However, my Win7 desktop still wins out over all. And what’s up with only being able to resize a Mac window with the little doodad in the lower-right corner of the window? Ugh! Anyone know some decent freeware to fix that?
Shuttle pulling up to campus. Will sign off for now!







3 responses to “Third Week at Google”

  1. Bret Avatar

    Recommend you map your corners thusly:
    Top-left: All windows
    Top-right: Application windows Zooom:
    Navigate Spaces -> Warp:

  2. Sander van Rossen Avatar

    What’s also annoying about only being able to resize with the lower left corner is that sometimes it’s really close to the icons at the bottom, and even when you’re not actually visibly clicking on the icons, it’ll select the icon instead of your resize corner.
    So annoying *sigh*
    I wish mac os X was a little bit more like windows, and windows a little bit more like mac os

  3. Bret Avatar

    Zooom will address your concerns about being able to resize from other parts of the window, give it a try!