Virgin Megastore closing…

CNet has a piece up today about the closing of Virgin Megastore. Here in San Francisco, Virgin is at a major intersection, so its disappearance will leave a gaping hole in the storefront cityscape. At the opposite end of the same block is the other gaping hole, where CompUSA once stood.
We went into Virgin this past weekend, looking for bargains. But it was still hard to justify buying any music. Yes, Rock Band was cheaper than we’d ever seen it, and yeah, 15% off Blu-Ray discs was nice. But I was trying to figure out in just what universe 20% off a $18.99 CD makes sense. First off, $18.99 for a CD, are you *kidding* me? 20% off puts it around $15. I think I’ll just go to Amazon and buy the MP3 album for $8.99.
Virgin has been on its last legs for a long time, but I am sad to see it go, just as I was sad to see CompUSA go. I didn’t love either of them, but it was nice to be able to go somewhere and peruse! Neither of them was able to successfully change with the growth of the Internet, and the troubled economy was just the last nail of a series of nails in their coffin. I’m hoping Fry’s sticks around, at least!!






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  1. kpallist Avatar

    I saw that too when in town for GDC. Sad. Coincidentally, I’m 2/3 of the way through Richard Branson’s latest book. In it he talks about the decision to close teh stores and how he should have made the call earlier, but was too attached to the idea of them and thus couln’t be objective.