LinkedIn Apps are Handy

Today I heard that LinkedIn now has applications. My first thought was: “Oh greeeeat, pretty soon it’ll look like facebook.”
But the good news is, they have a very small set of apps that so far, seem quite well thought out. In particular I like the SixApart application, BlogLink. It says that it will let you link your personal blog to your linkedin account, which seems like a very good idea to me. However, I haven’t had much luck linking my blog yet – but what I found really great is that it connected me up with the blogs of everyone in my linkedin account.
I’m pretty diligent about knowing the people I connect to on linkedin, so it was with great pleasure that I found out that a handful of them have blogs that I didn’t already know about! For example, here’s Don Daglow’s blog (founder of Stormfront and once a director at Intellivision), and my friend Peter Alau (who recently joined Digital Extremes).
Very nice.






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  1. kpallist Avatar

    I could swear I blogged about this a while back but can’t find it now. Oh well.
    My thought was that their “gated” approach to apps, originally criticized by some when comparing it to FB’s open approach, was a GOOD idea. LinkedIn positions themselves as more “professional”, and they can’t come off that way if people are launching “click here if you think Palin’s a hottie!” apps and the like.