Intel Developer Forum keynote

Just got back from the Intel Developer Forum keynote.
Good stuff announced there: Core 2 Extreme quad processor coming in November, HD-DVD from Toshiba for under $500 by Christmas, cool UMPC interacting with vehicle nav system stuff, el-cheapo computers in foreign countries initiative, etc etc.
It was a long keynote and didn’t have big surprises, but I was surprised to learn that the quad cores are coming so soon. Makes me think twice about whether I want to jump on a dual-core right away. Need to check out the sockets, etc. Hmmmmmm.
I have to admit I was disappointed by how little of the content at the Intel Developer Forum was applicable for me as a game developer. Very few talks there that I actually care about; so many talks are focused on server farms, the health care industry, mobile platforms, things of this sort. I think it’s probably Kim’s fault, since he left Intel. 🙂






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  1. kpallist Avatar

    heh heh. I’d love to take credit, but it sucked when I was there too!
    There was a period of time where they wanted to turn IDF into the biggest SW dev event in the world, and included games in that. They had a track or two of game and graphics related info.
    While I participated, we (me and my gaming minions) argued against doing it. The trend at that time was that people were moving away from doing their own events, and toward going where the customers were. In our case this translated to “we’d be better off going to GDC and doing sessions there”.
    Arguably, with things like Gamefest, it’s trending the other way now.