See Bill Work

There’s an article from Bill Gates (or one of his PR people) up on, entitled “How I Work: Bill Gates”. I figure, if there’s anyone in the world who represents information overload more than anyone else, it should be Bill Gates. So I was very curious to read about how he structures his time.
The piece is a bit enlightening, although his use of three LCD screens and some personal assistants doesn’t really help me out – not yet anyway! I do agree that desktop search is extraordinarily useful, although the versions I’ve tried don’t work with removable hard drives very well. (I carry my work back and forth with me on an encrypted 100GB drive.) Of course, Bill mentions TabletPCs, OneNote, and SharePoint. All very interesting and useful tools.
The article is definitely worth a quick read. There are some other short pieces attached to this one, with thoughts from the likes of Vera Wang, Marissa Mayer, and John McCain. Some of these people have jobs that may be more similar to you than others. 🙂
Some of my favorites are Howard Schultz (“I could always use a good cup of coffee”), Wynton Marsalis (“You don’t want musicians being your primary business-decision makers”), A.G. Lafley (“manage your energy”), and Judge Richard Posner (“Seek the most efficient mode of communication”).






2 responses to “See Bill Work”

  1. kpallist Avatar

    Dude, the 3-screens thing is the must-have. I had it for a while and am SO yearning to go back. You don’t realize how much time you spend alt-tabbing. There’s a reason traders have 3 or 4 screens. Everything in sight at all times.
    I have my 3 monitors now. Just waiting for my new matrox gizmo.

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    I don’t think I ever alt-tab! But there are definitely times when I wish I had more screen real estate. Drat!