Windows Vista

In case you missed it, Longhorn is now Vista. It’s “Clear. Confident. Connected.” Kind of reminds me of a Viagra commercial.
Official Windows Vista website.






2 responses to “Windows Vista”

  1. Robert Avatar
    Robert says:
    “I am going to be blunt, I don’t like it. I don’t like the sound of it, the silly metaphor, or the over hyped “digital world” stuff we are getting out of Microsoft these last few releases. Marketing has gone to their heads and this is the result. It seems they are spending more time trying to think of inspiring product names than perhaps fixing the security flaws that are no doubt going to flood them following the release. But enough about my thoughts on Microsoft, the name its self is just unmotivated and pretentious. No computer buff is going to feel comfortable telling his friends he is running, “Windows Vista”. However, as much as I dislike the name, much I dislike it, I could learn to love it if Microsoft has learned from their past mistakes and produced a secure OS. Only time will tell I’m afraid, but in my eyes we are off to a bad start.”

  2. kim Avatar

    heh heh. If only we could hope for it to sell as well as Viagra!