Indie Game Challenge videos

You’ve heard about the Indie Game Challenge, right? It’s a similar concept to the Independent Games Festival, highlight independent game development, but being thrown by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, the same folks that do the DICE Summit each year (which is fantastic, by the way!) The Indie Game Challenge is a collaboration with GameStop and SMU Guildhall, and the prizes are pretty significant – $100K for the winners!

They’ve produced some pretty amusing videos highlighting possible games for the event… 😉 Gave me a laugh. Check them out! I’ll embed one here and link to the other three.

Office Worker:

Makeover Master


Catbox Fever






4 responses to “Indie Game Challenge videos”

  1. Spunkmeyer Avatar

    Makeover Master isn’t that far from reality…

    Funny stuff!

  2. Liam Avatar

    I see one problem with the competition rules though “…along with ten (10) sets of any special equipment or hardware (e.g., graphics cards, 3D glasses, special controllers, etc.) necessary to play the Entered Game, if applicable, as well as any other supporting materials.”
    That is not really indie friendly is it.

  3. Mark DeLoura Avatar

    Hi Liam, you’re right, that sounds painful for an indie. However, I can’t imagine too many circumstances where that would be a problem, can you? I think you should be able to reasonably expect that any judge has a capable PC with graphics card and keyboard/mouse/controller, and every handheld, console, and mobile platform. I’ve been judging the IGF for a long time and have only seen 1 or 2 games that have gone outside of this. So hopefully this situation just won’t come up, or it will be easily remedied without too much pain for the indie (3D glasses being one that most judges can probably resolve themselves, for example.)
    I think that since the competition is still in its early form, they are likely very open to feedback. I’d send them a mail!

  4. Liam Avatar

    I agree and think a judge should have all the equipment to be able to judge the competition. It was just the fact that they actually stated a graphics card as “special”. I would only suspect that devices such as the Falcon or something of its nature to cause a problem, but even if that were the case I can not see and indie buying ten devices to ship to them. On first seeing the term in the rules I was going to query them about it, yet it would be much better coming from you.