On game middleware libraries

A few months ago I did a survey on game engine middleware, posting the results up to gamasutra, Game Developer magazine, and this blog. Now I’m digging a bit more into component middleware libraries. In trolling around the net, I came across this fantastic site, gamemiddleware.org. It’s just a great list of the engines, libraries, tools, etc that the site organizers are aware of, which is exceedingly handy! The only question now is: dang, which of these as a game developer do I really need to look at seriously?

A great site for discussion of tools and middleware is “The Toolsmiths“, the IGDA Tools Blog. The posts on the site are frequently thought-provoking and focus around issues in tools development. Dan Goodman, founder of Robotic Arm Software, recently conducted a tools-related survey and is currently collating the results. I’m really looking forward to his results!

I’m currently in the process of conducting a middleware library survey that is similar to the engine survey. I hope it will shed some light on what we’re all looking for in middleware libraries, giving useful information to both the technology creators and the technology users. Results will be published in Game Developer magazine.

Seems like a lot of surveys! But surveys are sure a useful way to gather a lot of great information in one shot.






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  1. stephen peacock Avatar

    I just read your article on middleware libraries, its great to have hard numbers like this, it takes some of the speculation and supposition out of go-to-market planning. Thanks for pulling it together and sharing your results.