Website Construction Zone

I’ve been slowly updating the site, replacing the original MovableType installation from 2004 and updating it with the latest version of WordPress. I apologize for the mess!






2 responses to “Website Construction Zone”

  1. Mark Fussell Avatar
    Mark Fussell

    I don’t know if you are aware of this, but you are apparently now the owner of what was a website domain for folks suffering from repetative strain injuries. There was some important information and links on it and I know a number of people who used it. I did find the original cache, but you will be getting hits from folks who are looking for help for their chronic pain conditions.

    Is is possible sustain a link directing people to the links that were listed on the original page?

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Mark Fussell

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    Hi Mark! Thanks for your post… I didn’t realize anyone was even looking at that stuff any more, it’s the last remnants of a site I used to run. Sorry for taking it down, I have put it back up in the original location. I’m happy to hear if it is helpful for anyone. I suffered from RSI for quite a long time myself. Not fun.