World of Goo is out!

2DBoy’s game “World of Goo” has come out, and it’s fantastic. Go buy it! It feels like the spiritual successor to Armadillo Run, with the addition of hilariousness. There is an interview with the team up on gamasutra this morning. These guys are an inspiration to indy developers!






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  1. josh wh Avatar
    josh wh

    I haven’t finished it, but world of goo is good fun. There’s some annoying limits (understandable from a programming POV). Most puzzles’ solution set is too small – often only one. The goo does not stay stretched – triangles are pretty much equilateral. It shouldn’t cost a gooball to make a connection that doesn’t add a node! still, overall, it’s a fun little game, playable by almost anyone, very easy and quick to learn, entertaining aesthetics. love, the sign painter’s best friend.