Moving Moving Moving

MB and I are moving… I’m moving out of my loft from one side of the town, she’s moving out of her flat from the other side of town, and we are winding up at a slightly larger place somewhere between. The new loft is a gorgeous modern two-story in San Francisco, a mere block from where GDC is held every year. It is really a fantastic place; the owner appears to have been a lighting designer and has added a lot of nice lighting elements around the loft.
But it is a bit small for all of our stuff! We have gotten the majority of it in there but so far the downstairs bathroom has been put to use as a storage room, and I have yet to move over the office books, desk, printer… I will put most of the books in storage for now, as I have a LOT of computer books (I bet you never would have guessed that huh 🙂 )
Next step is to clean up my old loft and rent it out… if you know anyone looking to rent a beautiful 3-story loft in San Francisco near 9th and Mission, shoot me an email!






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  1. jakeller Avatar

    This post is worthless without pics! 🙂