Running for the IGDA board of directors

Jason Della Rocca sent out word today that the voting for the IGDA board of directors has begun. I’m running for the board, and I’d be honored to have your vote!
The fundamental perspective I would bring to the IGDA is that “everyone should be able to make games”. This past year saw the first IGDA conference here in San Francisco, and I would like to see it be the first of many – there are many topics and regions that are not served well by the existing conferences, and I’d like to see the IGDA filling those gaps. Other non-profit organizations fund themselves almost entirely through their industry conferences, and I hope that a strong conference program will enable the IGDA to be more active, supporting the agenda of the game development community even more.
Networking is a fundamental tenet of the IGDA, and I want to help ease the lives of local chapters, making them easier to start up, and easier to maintain, providing additional resources so that they are able to reach out to their communities. The IGDA is also missing vast segments of the world where game development is occurring, but the few development studios are not in touch with each other – the IGDA can serve to bring developers together, and even encourage development efforts that are global in scope.
I’ve always been passionate about making game development easier, and enabling more voices to be heard. IGDA, as the largest international game developer organization, has been working for years to make the industry easier to understand, easier to work in, and easier to break into. I’d be honored to add my voice those guiding the organization, and hope you’ll vote for me in the election. Thank you!






2 responses to “Running for the IGDA board of directors”

  1. Darius K. Avatar

    Your official statement of candidacy, by the way, is really great and definitely convinced me to vote for you.
    By the way, if you want to talk about strategies to improve attendance at your chapter meetings, shoot me an email. In the last three years we’ve brought the monthly Boston meetings from about 30 attendees to about 200, and it was the direct result of a lot of strategizing on our part.

  2. Karen Clark Avatar

    I’m very glad that you’re running, Mark. You have a lot of industry experience, to be sure, but more than that you are a great guy who I really trust. Best of luck!