“The Shins” music video, by “The Audience”

The more I hear about CurrentTV (which won an Emmy yesterday), the more I like it. It’s TV produced by the audience… probably as close to YouTube on TV as you can get.
Today I heard about this experiment – when The Shins performed recently at Austin City Limits, they *requested* that the audience film them, and then upload the vids to the CurrentTV website. Talk about turning the tables… instead of getting pissed because people film the concert and post it up on YouTube, these guys asked the audience to film them, then they took the audience-produced content and made a video out of it. The TWO HUNDRED submissions they got were used to create the video below. What a fantastic idea.

Now what I really want is for someone to combine this concept with Microsoft’s Photosynth so we can get real-time 3D visualization of events!