My Tivo

You know how sometimes you get a sudden moment of clarity? That’s what I just got. I was having some dinner, taking a break between this work and this other work, and looking at the list of shows I’ve recorded on Tivo I suddenly realized what a funny insight it is into mind. So here is what is on my Tivo right now:

  • Three episodes of Planet Earth – they have been there a little while.
  • Anthony Bourdain in Beirut (TRAV, “Within 24 hours of their arrival, Anthony and his crew are stuck in the middle of an intense and uncertain conflict in Lebanon. Special.”) – this was nominated for an Emmy and is fantastic!
  • Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (TRAV, “In Asia the freshest foods are still alive, and nearly everything is considered edible. Series.”) – there’s a bit on Tokyo I’m keeping to show to MB.
  • Badal (LinkTV, “In a Muslim tradition, a brother and sister from one family marry a sister and brother of another family. Special.”) – I just keep trying to learn more about Muslim traditions and the middle east since it has become such an important topic for the U.S. lately.
  • Bridge to Iran (Link TV, “And Along Came a Spider… The provocative story of Iranian serial killer Saeed Hanaei. Series.”) – this one too!
  • Bill Moyers Journal (PBS, “Evangelical Christians against mountain top removal mining in West Virginia; wiretapping and domestic surveillance. Series.”) – if you aren’t watching Bill Moyers Journal, why aren’t you?
  • 60 Minutes (CBS, “Workers at Ground Zero; electronic devices; Luciano Pavarotti. Series”) – I think it is mostly a repeat. :-/
  • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (TRAV, “Patagonia, Argentina. Series.”) – Woohoo! Bourdain in Argentina, I can’t wait!
  • Getting Over It (LinkTV, “Election Integrity. Special.”) – I’m ready to be sad… have we fixed anything to do with the elections? It sure doesn’t seem like it. 🙁

Now you know what I’m thinking about when I’m not thinking about games. 🙂