Xbox360 impending doom

I think my Xbox360 is about to fry. It’s just a guess though. It’s been getting hot in my loft lately during the day, about 90 degrees F. And I’ve played a little Forza, set up the Bioshock demo download, things like that. In the past two days the Xbox360 has crashed twice. Both times the pixels turned into a slight mess, and the sucker just froze up. Once in Forza and once while sitting at the dashboard. That’s not a good sign! It doesn’t seem to be blowing out hot air though. Hmmmmm.






One response to “Xbox360 impending doom”

  1. Tungsten Avatar

    Prepare for death! That’s the same behavior my first one exhibited before dying.
    We have a new record at work. Fargo bought a new 360 Elite (for the HDMI goodness) and it died in a record-setting 47 seconds. Just after saying, yes, he wanted to import his profile he got the 3 rings.