Bye bye, Ubisoft

As you might have guessed if you have looked at my sidebar, I’m leaving Ubisoft. Today (Friday) is my last day. I’ve met some great people while working for Ubi, and had a good time learning and helping steer the technology direction for Ubisoft San Francisco as their Tech Director.
It’s time for me to move on though, and I’m off to work on something I’ve always felt very passionately about. Still in the game industry of course, but a little bit different. I’ll talk about that more as I begin setting it up next week. Goodbye, Ubisoft!
Ubi SF is looking for someone to to be their Tech Director now, and I am helping in the search. So if you’re an excellent programmer and communicator, a leader, and have a history of working on great products in the game industry, drop me a line! The ideal candidate will need to move to the San Francisco Bay area and will steer the technical direction for the San Francisco office, which largely focuses on creating games with external studios.






2 responses to “Bye bye, Ubisoft”

  1. johnwbyrd Avatar

    If you’re serious about that, then mention the opening to Bosslevel — someone will bite.
    My new company is going swimmingly down here.

  2. johnwbyrd Avatar

    Hmm… let’s see… he visits Madison, WI… he leaves Ubisoft… My guess is you’re going to Raven.