Evil Mooninites!

It was amazing to see worlds collide earlier this week, as the Cartoon Network and the Terrorist Networks came together in Boston. Do the lite-brite mooninites really look like bombs? I suppose they had batteries… bombs have batteries, right? But then, so do flashlights.
Street teams like these are not uncommon, they place signs or other marketing material in places that aren’t exactly legal, like on wallboards or the sides of buildings. Without permits. But this furor in Boston is just craziness.
Apparently we had some of these things in San Francisco as well, but no one was surprised. Maybe it’s because we have so many Burning Man people here.
If these guys get more than a slap on the hand for placing things illegally it will be a travesty of justice. I suppose each city should publish bright green stickers with RFID tags in them (so that they “can’t be counterfeited”) that say “HI, I AM NOT A BOMB.”






One response to “Evil Mooninites!”

  1. johnwbyrd Avatar

    Now I want a T-shirt that says “HI, I AM NOT A BOMB.”