National Temperature Graph

Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words.
Link to NOAA 2006 Annual Climate Review.






5 responses to “National Temperature Graph”

  1. johnwbyrd Avatar

    Clearly the temperature is controlled either by the stock market or by the US population.

  2. David Tractenberg Avatar
    David Tractenberg

    I’m not sure what this picture says since it only goes back to 1895. Natural changes in temperature occur, unless your Al Gore. (The man who invented the internet!) Besides global warming is proven to be good for the world’s economy.

  3. markdeloura Avatar

    I think you’re right! the earth’s temperature is increasing because of all the people breathing 🙂

  4. rossodwyer Avatar

    I think there’s more compelling info out there than this. At my core I believe we’re heating up the planet but the statistician in me tells me that graph means nothing. It looks like it could be completely periodic it’s just that it doesn’t start early enough 🙂

  5. bmichael11 Avatar

    Manmade contributions can be directly related to the recent heated and viseral attacks on skeptics of this theory. Global cyclical temperature changes are directly related to the angle of axis of the earths rotation and variations of sun activity. We are currently in the fifth warming cycle in the last 400,000 years. All you fear mongerers can get back to me in the next 100,000 years to provide consistent data. Thanks