Bad Eats

I’m not sure how it started. MB and I were in separate states for Christmas, and planned to meet back up in San Francisco, then head off for some vacation together to ring in the new year. I got back to SF late Wednesday night, booked our last hotel via the Internet, and went to sleep.
Thursday morning we got up early and headed for the airport. I didn’t feel very good, with kind of a rumbly tummy, but figured it was something that would go away in an hour or two – I don’t get along with raw red onions very well. I figured it was just that.
We boarded the plane around 10am. After getting settled I started feeling significantly worse. I leaned against the window, closing my eyes, thinking if I could just get through the two-hour flight everything would be okay. But as the plane door closed, and the jetway began pulling back, my body decided that it wasn’t going to let me have an easy day.
When I opened my eyes to look at something MB was showing me, I saw sparkles – my vision began to tunnel, and my fingers and hands started tingling and going numb. Okay, I’ve been here before, I know how this goes. Three times before, I’ve gotten food poisoning, and it always goes like this for me – and it is very much Not Fun. Twice I’ve passed out while standing up or walking, and once I really gashed myself when I toppled over. After a few intense moments of frustration and reluctance, I gave myself over to fate, and asked MB to push the call button so we could get off the plane before we got in the air.
The stewardesses were very efficient in getting us out of our seats and off the plane, but as I stood by the door waiting for the jetway to re-extend, I very nearly passed out. In retrospect I should have taken the wheelchair ride back from the gate (how often does one get to do that?) but instead I slowly stumbled back to the long-term parking lot and MB took me home and put me to bed.
I’ve been sitting here at home the past couple of days willing myself to health. I haven’t figured out quite what made me sick – in the past I believe it has been bad mussles, bad sushi, things of that sort. This time, it was perhaps something in Mexican food, as my mom and dad and brother also got sick.
So lying here on the couch for a few days, I’ve been able to catch up on some movies, play with the Wii and PS3 a bit, and watch some really bad TV.
I watched a Blu-Ray movie and was struck with the same feeling I get from playing Gears of War. The images almost appear TOO sharp, TOO detailed. With high definition games, if you don’t use depth-of-field blur or smart LOD, objects in the distance can just seem too sharp. I’m not sure why the movies have that effect on me too; it could just be not being used to watching a higher fidelity signal.
But what has really driven me nuts the past few days is Zelda on the Wii. I just cannot catch a damn fish. It’s one of the first things to do in the game, and I’ve read the manual, FAQs, and some cheat sites, and I just can’t do it. I’ve spent about 80 minutes on it! I’m ready to throw the game in the trash. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this properly? 🙂 Help!
Just a few rambling Friday evening thoughts…
EDIT: Okay, I caught the frickin’ fish with the help of some more forum tips 🙂






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  1. rossodwyer Avatar

    ha! For what it’s worth i couldn’t catch one either in the ten minutes i tried. Cian was looking over my shoulder critiquing my angling style so i left him to it.
    hope you’re doing better,
    Ross (posting from Wii)