Keeping Score

Are you watching “Keeping Score”? If not, you’re really missing out! This PBS mini-series, hosted by Michael Tilson Thomas (MTT) of the San Francisco Symphony, is designed to help demystify classical music.
Each episode (of which there are only three!) takes on a big piece of classical music: Beethoven’s Eroica, Stravinsky’s Rite of Sping, and Copland and the American Sound in general. During an hour-long show, MTT walks through the music with his orchestra, describing the intentions of the composer, and the emotions the music is intended to elicit. He goes into the history of the composer, the mood of the time, and the common orchestral techniques of the time. If you’ve ever felt like classical music was just too dense, hard to understand, or required a lot of effort to enjoy, this is the show for you.
Check your local listings, don’t miss this great show!






3 responses to “Keeping Score”

  1. jane Avatar

    Wow, that sounds fantastic! one of the best classes i ever took in college was a music history class… the professor was a dynamic speaker with a love for the Russians. i learned so much about listening to music in that class.

  2. jane Avatar

    p.s. which reminds me, i have to donate some money to PBS!

  3. johnwbyrd Avatar

    In the 1960s, Leonard Bernstein did an amazing series of shows called “Young People’s Concerts” and it was basically modern music appreciation for everyone. They’re required viewing if music is a wall to you: