Be careful what you blog

Recently there was a bit of a dust-up about Michael Russell’s recent post on Sony’s QA department. He had gone for an interview and came away with negative feelings about the group, which he posted about on his blog.
Michael works for Ritual Entertainment, a company that mostly focuses on PC games, but has also worked on other platforms, including some of Sony’s.
You can see some additions and modifications in his original post now, as he apparently got some flak about it.
In his most recent post, he asks for job leads. A commenter pointed out that his profile page at Ritualistic now reads “Former QA Manager, Ritual Entertainment”.
EDIT: Michael posted a comment that these two events are not connected.






One response to “Be careful what you blog”

  1. Michael Russell Avatar

    Thank you for reading. However, one has nothing to do with the other.
    I agreed to let Ritual have their say first, and that is what I will do.