Motion-sensing Controllers

There’s a great article on motion-sensing controllers up on CNN today. I don’t agree with the article’s assersion that the Wii motion-sensing one-ups that in the PS3, since I think that the PS3’s technology is superior. But I can’t really get into how without breaking NDA’s. Bah humbug.
Anyway, they are designed for different tasks – I wouldn’t really want to use the PS3’s controller as a pointing device, since it isn’t shaped like one!






4 responses to “Motion-sensing Controllers”

  1. Bryant Avatar

    I’d be interested in knowing why you think the PS3’s motiong-sensing technology trumps the Wii’s. Can’t the Wii detect all of the information the PS3 can plus the additional movements in 3D space? I thought that the cheap nunchuck attachment had the same sort of accelerometer that the PS3 has. Of course, NDAs make this conversation far less interesting, and you’re definitely right in saying that they’re both designed for different tasks. But you still couldn’t use the PS3 controller as a pointing device *and* a tilt sensor even if you wanted to, unlike the Wii.

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    Hi Bryant,
    If you set the Wii remote on a flat surface and point it at the sensor bar, then rotate it clockwise and counter-clockwise, you will notice that it only detects that the remote is being rotated when it is pointing toward the sensor bar. The PS3 controller will detect rotation for 360 degrees. Comparing apples to apples, the PS3 controller is a little more capable in motion sensing. However, you won’t use the PS3 controller as a pointing device, and the Wii does have the nunchuk, which also has motion sensing built in. So you get two motion sensors with the Wii controllers.
    Of course, most times when you are playing a game and wanting to do a rotation like that, you will have the controller pointed at the TV, so it isn’t a huge deal. But it does create some challenges for people developing for it.

  3. Bryant Avatar

    Very interesting. Is the same true for the nunchuck, i.e. does the nunchuck detect that 360 degree rotation that the SIXAXIS detects? Thank you for the information.

  4. markdeloura Avatar

    I think that it’s exactly the same but I’m not completely sure. It’s a good question…
    (unfortunately I’m out of the office so I can’t test it out…)