Sony: Other Consoles Are Pricey

This article on made me laugh. The managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia claims that the other consoles are expensive. Wow, really? Well, I guess you are the expert on “expensive”!






2 responses to “Sony: Other Consoles Are Pricey”

  1. johnwbyrd Avatar

    Being the director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia is like working at Park Place Cinema 7 in Charleston, WV. Technically, you’re in the entertainment industry, but no one gives a shit what you say.

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    hahhhaha… “listen to me, listen to me!” I used to figure that’s what Nintendo of Canada was for too. If you ever as a company wanted to float something to the press to see their reaction, you fed it to Nintendo of Canada, or perhaps Sony of Australia. 😉