HD-DVD interview from MS

This is awesome… watch this guy from Microsoft try to do a PR sidestep when confronted with the idea that Xbox360 games may have to come on multiple DVD-9 discs someday, if developers start taking advantage of the capacity of Blu-Ray discs on the PS3.

He also states flatly that the Blu-Ray format is MPEG-2, “old technology”. Of course, that’s only a half-truth. In actuality, Blu-Ray supports MPEG-2, but also H.264/AVC (MPEG4), and Microsoft’s VC-1. Oh hey, that’s funny, that’s the same set of video codecs supported by HD-DVD. Amazing! References: Wikipedia Blu-Ray, Wikipedia HD-DVD.
More FUD from Microsoft. I think it’s probably more likely that this guy didn’t know any better though, and was just reciting points from the PR Q&A sheet. Nice try!






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  1. johnwbyrd Avatar

    Playing “stump the PR guy” is a bit like walking into Fry’s and asking technical questions to the people stocking the shelves. It’s easy, but why bother? You’re never going to learn anything useful.