Xbox: Okay, maybe we were a bit off

I like how today Peter Moore outlined Xbox’s vision of 100 million players. I know the game industry has a short attention span, but what happened to J Allard’s claim that they would reach 1 billion players, as they said at E3 2005?
   J Allard: In the HD era, we are going to reach 1 billion people with our medium. (Cheers, applause.)






2 responses to “Xbox: Okay, maybe we were a bit off”

  1. kpallist Avatar

    If you want to get pedantic, the context is different. Peter was talking about Microsoft Xbox getting to 100 million players, and J was talking about the games medium getting to 1 billion. (we already exceed 100 million across all microsoft platforms if you include MSN games and people playing solitaire on Windows and stuff like that)
    Detail aside, you can’t really hold one guy to another’s claims of 18 months earlier, can you?
    Don’t make me bust out Kutaragi quotes!

  2. johnwbyrd Avatar

    I remember Trip Hawkins saying that the 3DO would be (paraphrased) the most revolutionary technology since print.