Lunch by the Bay

Yesterday at lunch I walked down and picked up a salad from my favorite little local deli. I was thinking about coming straight back to the office – that is, until I realized there was a ball game going on!
I strolled over to the spot where I have been having lunch on the rocks by the San Francisco Bay, a location that has a nice view of the baseball stadium. Listening to the crowd roar while having my lunch there in the sun was fabulous.
While eating lunch I saw the usual array of kayaks and small pleasure craft hanging out in McCovey Cove, waiting for Splash Hits (home runs that land in the bay). But there was one amazing, futuristic boat that came in while I was there, and it hung out for awhile. All the kayakers were attracted to it like flies to honey… (apologies for the lousy cell phone pictures)
The logo on the side of this boat said “Earthrace”. Sure enough, this boat is part of something called the Earthrace, an attempt to circumnavigate the globe in a powerboat using renewable fuels. Very cool! Check out their website for more pictures of this amazing looking boat. 🙂
What a nice way to spend lunch!






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  1. johnwbyrd Avatar

    well walk on down to 650 townsend and have lunch with us!