A Stupid Answer to a Fat Problem

In this article on the BBC News site, it is reported that New York City council members are thinking about limiting the number of fast food restaurants in the city in order to get people to eat more healthily.
What the hell?
Unfortunately this is the kind of thing that Democrats sometimes do – start with an idea that is great, “let’s get people to eat healthier”, and then they figure out a ham-handed way of enforcing it that actually reduces people’s freedoms, instead of compelling them to make smarter choices. I mean come on, does this solve ANY problem? Maybe people will have to walk another block to go to McDonald’s, or maybe they’ll just grab a big bag of Cheetos at the deli instead of a Big Mac. So what.
I love this quote from Joel Rivera, “What I want to do is LIMIT the number of fast-food establishments … and give people CHOICES.” (Emphasis mine.) Give me a break.






2 responses to “A Stupid Answer to a Fat Problem”

  1. johnwbyrd Avatar

    Yep, liberals (of which I am one) can be woefully naive. A far better idea is to tax the hell out of fast food. Government makes money, poor people are discouraged from eating it, everybody goes home happy.

  2. johnwbyrd Avatar

    Liberals can be woefully naive at times. A far better idea is to tax the hell out of fast food. Poor people eat it less, government makes money, everybody is better off (except the stockholders).