Article: How Long Will America Lead the World?

Fareed Zakaria, editor of Newsweek International and host of PBS’ “Foreign Exchange”, had a great article up on the Newsweek site a few weeks ago. In his piece, “How Long Will America Lead the World?”, he makes references to previous empires as well as current economic conditions in the U.S.
In most articles like this that I read, the partisanship or perspective of the writer is clear from the outset – you can read one paragraph or two and know what you’ll get from the article. Zakaria, however, has a real knack for staking out the middle ground and just giving you really useful information on the issues he discusses. Sure, he draws some conclusions at the end of this piece, but it isn’t before he goes through a whole raft of evidence on both sides. Is America in decline as a world power? Yes? No? Depends how you want to argue it.
This article is certainly worth a read, and it will leave you – most likely – feeling a bit better about how things are going in the U.S. Or at least, that’s how I was left. Of course, I may read articles by too many doomsayers. 🙂






One response to “Article: How Long Will America Lead the World?”

  1. kpallist Avatar

    Good article. Only issue I had with it was when he talked about the 4 “false alarms” of the past 50 years, he failed to mention the manufacturing move to asia, which *did* come true.