Made it to Sydney!

MB and I arrived at Sydney intact… and found our hotel right in the middle of a half marathon. So we got our own 2K walk to the hotel at the end of the cab ride. 🙂 But we’re here! I swear. If you could see through the HDR bloom in the background, you’d see the Sydney Bridge there.






One response to “Made it to Sydney!”

  1. kpallist Avatar

    “might take a couple days off to do some furniture shopping” indeed! Dude, that’s awesome! Have a great time!
    I went to a really nice wine bar there but can’t for the life of me remember the name of it. It was next door to a restaurant and owned by the same owner. Guess that doesn’t help much! Oh well, you’ll have a good time regardless.
    I beleive you said you weren’t going to melbourne, but if you are, take the bus trip out to see the little penguins (ask the concierge about it) it’s a really cool and unique experience.