I was having a chat with MB the other day about shaving. It’s something I go on and on about once in awhile, because one can’t help but laugh at the arms race going on in the shaving world.
Or cry. Everytime I buy a pack of 4 razors for my M3Power (a three-bladed battery-driven beast), I think to myself “WTF? This is insane, shelling out $13 for a pack of 4 razors from Safeway.”
Today I discovered a new revolution in shaving: the Fusion! Not only does it have *five* blades (they skipped four to get around the competition), but it also has an *extra* blade on the back, “for precision”! I think this is because the razor has gotten so damn big with five blades on it, that you can’t shave under your nose, so you have to use the flip side for that. Take that, Schick!
And did I mention it too comes in a “Power” version?
If you’re like me, you’d think, somewhere out there on the Internet I bet there’s a community of folks who are going “back to basics”. And sure enough, you’d be right. Visit ShaveBlog, run by a member of NBC’s “Today Show”. He’s trying to revive the lost art of… ummm… not cutting yourself when using a straight razor. 😉
There’s an article called “The Best a Man Can Get” which serves as a good introduction. And here are some other entertaining shaving entries found with a quick net perusal: Five blades, bitches, revisited and A Moore’s Law for Razor Blades.
May you soon free yourself from Razor Wars. I have yet to try, but if I do I will soon report back from the frontlines!






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  1. kpallist Avatar

    Dude, you don’t know the half of it. I discovered shave blog a while back and have been on a downward spiral intro metrosexual hell as I increase my shaving time/money/complexity investment. I’ve been meaning to blog this for a while. Guess I’ll get over and do that now, you’ve inspired me!