GDC here we come

It’s raining like crazy here in the San Francisco bay area today, and my mood is suiting it. So many last minute things to do, and what I’d really rather be doing is sitting in on some tutorial sessions. Darn it! That’s normal, though. It’s GDC. There are ALWAYS last minute things to do. 🙂
We’re going to have a great booth this year – I’m very excited to see how it all comes together. Same with the party. Both are a little experimental, so I’m curious to see how they go. Fingers crossed.
Tradition has it that the weather will clear up for Wednesday, and I’m sure hoping that’s the case!
Will be down at the conference starting Tuesday night. I’m *sure* I’ll see a lot of you at the Fairmont Bar. I’m looking forward to that!






One response to “GDC here we come”

  1. kpallist Avatar

    I get down wed morning. I’ll see you around the show. I’m in for The Breakfast Gathering on Saturday after the show too! (probably the only time you’ll get a minute to breathe!)