GDC prep

I’ve noticed a lot of game-oriented blogs slowing down the past few weeks. Perhaps people are getting ready for GDC and E3, just like I am. Today I was planning to do some house-cleaning, maybe go for a nice walk, but I haven’t pulled either of those off yet. Instead I’m banging out emails and previewing presentations for the Game Developers Conference, which takes place the week after next.
Sony has a lot of stuff going on this year, including Phil Harrison’s keynote, our largest booth yet, a day worth of sponsored sessions about PSP and PS3, and a huge party. It’s going to be craaaaazy, and it’s definitely keeping me busy. At the same time we have all sorts of PS3 spin-up stuff going on. Whew!
Okay, I just got inspired and walked over to the best coffee joint in San Francisco, Bluebottle Coffee. Or at least, Yelp says it is some of the best coffee. This place is basically a warehouse with a cash register and espresso machine at the front. They do single cups of drip coffee at a time, and the beans were roasted in the past 48 hours, so you know it’s fresh.
But I’m not sure… it’s good, but I think I’ll need to visit a few more times before I decide if it’s “better”. They’re not doing as dark of a roast as Starbucks, so the flavor is definitely lighter and broader. Will have to try some espresso next time. Hm.
Anyway, just some ramblings for the day. I’m very excited about what we’re going to do for the GDC party this year. Hopefully you all will like it. 🙂






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  1. Eli Avatar

    If you’re free after GDC on Tuesday, March 21, you should check out the (free) FierceDeveloper cocktail/networking party at Scores. We’re focused on mobile developers, but all GDC attendees are welcome!