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I’m still on the thrashwagon lately, which is my excuse for not having written much. But this bit from the Wall Street Journal is quite interesting. They had a piece last weekend on “the new power players” in Hollywood, that is, the video game moguls. 🙂 Included in the piece is a top-25 which I’ll reproduce here since I can’t find it online – however, the original article is available here. It’s amusing to see the people they consider to be power players. Some I agree with, some… not so much! Many thanks to MB for saving the article for me!

    Game Gurus

  1. Sam Houser, President, Rockstar Games (Grand Theft Auto)
  2. Jason Jones, Lead Designer, Bungie Studios (Halo)
  3. Shigeru Miyamoto, Senior Managing Director etc, Nintendo (Mario, Zelda, etc)
  4. Will Wright, Chief Creative Officer, Maxis (The Sims)


  5. Satoru Iwata, President, Nintendo
  6. Ken Kutaragi, President, Sony Computer Entertainment
  7. Peter Moore, Corporate VP etc, Microsoft


  8. Jason Hall, Senior VP, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment
  9. Peter Jackson, Film director/producer (LOTR, King Kong)
  10. Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Music Marketing, Electronic Arts
  11. Larry Shapiro, Co-head Videogame Dept, Creative Artists Agency

    Online Players

  12. Edward Castronova, Associate Professor, Indiana University
  13. Rob Pardo, VP Game Design, Blizzard (World of Warcraft)

    Team Players

  14. Tony Hawk, Professional Skateboarder
  15. David Stern, Commissioner, National Basketball Association
  16. Gene Upshaw, Executive Director, National Football League Players Association

    The Marketers

  17. Mitch Davis, CEO, Massive Inc.
  18. Brian Farrell, CEO, THQ
  19. Frank Gibeau, Exec VP, Electronic Arts
  20. Jill Hamburger, VP Gaming, Best Buy
  21. Tim Harrison, Head of Games, Vodafone

    Money Man

  22. John Riccitello, Managing Director, Elevation Partners


  23. Doug Lowenstein, President, Entertainment Software Association

    The Scribes

  24. Hirokazu Hamamura, Editor-in-Chief, Famitsu/Enterbrain
  25. Metacritic (CNet)

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  1. johnwbyrd Avatar

    The list could be worse, but it could be far, far better. I have my own opinions about the people who really make decisions in games (q.v. Bosslevel).