Mario Kart DS wireless?

So I heard so much about how great Mario Kart DS was over wi-fi when it launched. Apparently everyone was playing it but me! But now that I’ve bought a copy I can’t find anyone online! Am I screwed up, or have you all quit playing?






2 responses to “Mario Kart DS wireless?”

  1. jay Avatar

    I never have a problem finding someone to race against, though sometimes I have to wait a minute for the service to locate 3 others for me.
    Playing using friend codes may require a little more coordination to make sure everyone is on at the same time, so I’ll generally go right into regional play, and then worldwide if regional doesn’t come up with a match.

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    Okay, I’m going to have to sort that out. I want to play against someone! guess when I come back from vaca I’ll look into it more. thanks Jay!