I’ve been having a hard time keeping my mouth shut, but now that all the details are finally sorted, I can jump up and down and yell about what I’m doing over the Xmas break. A sudden opportunity has come up for me to take a long trip – actually a trip around the world – with some friends! Heck, why not? I’m single and have scads of frequent flyer miles and unused vacation time.
So thanks to the good folks at Airtreks, I’ve got a five-stop adventure around the world planned: Athens, Cairo, Dubai, Phnom Penh, and Saigon. Wow! With additional stops in Connecticut to visit parents (not mine), and passing through Chennai, Bangkok and Hong Kong on the way. Fun fun fun!
I can’t recommend the folks at Airtreks enough – their friendly travel agent Basel in particular. We spent several hours with him on the phone, working out schedules, getting hotel advice, talking about tour guides, etc. We’re going to meet up with him while we’re in Dubai, since he’ll be there as well. Gotta buy him a drink for sure.
This is going to be quite an adventure. There are three of us going; I’m sure we’ll all know each other quite a lot better by the end – we’ll either be much closer or have killed each other. 🙂 One person works at Xbox, so that should be quite entertaining. Heh heh.
I’ll take lots of pictures!!






3 responses to “Globetrotting”

  1. Lee Avatar

    Hey! This sounds amazing! I just sent you an breaking out our food journal from our 3 month eating trip to southeast asia – can certainly hook you up in Phnom Penh, Saigon, Hong Kong and Bangkok…lots of amazing little finds! And the most amazing hotel of my life – the Saigon Hilton – luxury to the end and amex points baby!
    Talk soon! So excited for you!!!!

  2. kpallist Avatar

    That’s awesome! Anyone I know that you are going with? Who’s the MS person?
    Make sure to take lots of pics and blog it all when you get back!

  3. jay Avatar

    > …and blog it all when you get back!
    What, the rest of the world has no Internet connection? =P
    I say blog it as you go! 😉
    A trip around the world sounds extraordinary! Take lots of pictures and your favorite handheld for the long rides ahead. =D