A New Hero

Okay, okay, I gave in and bought Guitar Hero. Everyone I know is playing it! It’s too much fun for me to continue to suck at it.
If you’re in SF and looking for a copy, the PlayStation store at the Metreon got a bunch in yesterday, that’s where I got mine.






3 responses to “A New Hero”

  1. kpallist Avatar

    Santa (a.k.a. The Wife) is buying me one for Xmas. I agree, the buzz about it is just too great.

  2. johnwbyrd Avatar

    Heard a lot of buzz about it… but I can actually play guitar, and I can actually play all those songs on the game. Should I still purchase?

  3. markdeloura Avatar

    hmmmmmm this is a good question. I think you’ll still enjoy it, though you may find it easier than most people. Maybe just borrow it from a friend! 🙂