Sick and the City

I’m in New York City this weekend, attending my friend Dave’s wedding and trying not to spew snot everywhere. Yeah I know, pretty picture – I’m a classy guy. The flight in was not too bad, but now that I’m here in my hotel room I feel super lousy. Tomorrow for the wedding I’ll be worshipping the gods of DayQuil, I can see that coming. I’m the best man too, so that’ll be very entertaining. I’ll be the guy in the wedding pictures with the bright red nose. 🙂
But it’s nice to be here, and as I sit here in my 200sq ft hotel room (at the Hudson) I wish I had more time to wander around in the city. This is a quick trip without a lot of time for exploration, and of course I accidentally got a hotel room right next to Jazz at Lincoln Center without actually having time to go to any concerts there. Oh, and Carnegie Hall is close by too. Dammit! Oh well, being sick I wouldn’t probably want to go there anyway. Next time…
The good news though is that I’m also parked next to a gigantic Whole Foods, and right across from Central Park. So, I can stock up on OJ and natural remedies, then walk to the park for the wedding. I hope it doesn’t rain!
Being next to the park is a nice mix of urban living and being close to nature. No wonder it’s so expensive to live around here. I’ve been having fun people watching – the density of the city is unlike anywhere else in the US that I’m aware of, and the people who enjoy it do less well in the other cities. West coast cities are very different – mostly they are just smaller, or in the case of Los Angeles way more spread out, so you don’t get the nice mix of living and working in an urban core there. San Francisco almost achieves this, but it’s still a fairly small city in comparison. International cities like London and Paris are more similar to NYC.
So while I’m here it looks like I’ll be holed up in my hotel room most of the time that I’m not doing wedding activities. Easier on the cold. Hopefully by the time I head out to Austin on Monday morning I’ll be in full recovery mode. Or it’ll be a pretty lousy week. Popping the vitamin C and zinc and echinacea and claritin and natrum muriatica… wish me luck. 🙂






One response to “Sick and the City”

  1. Lee Avatar

    For the love of calories man! Get your arse out of that hotel room, take twice the recommended dosage of at least two seperate cold remedies and go see NYC! Seriously, I am about to get on a plane and drag you through life. New Yorkers will never know if you are spewing on them or not – it’s actually acceptable in that city! Go eat some good Chicken Noodle soup from a Jewish Deli (OJ from Whole Foods – you yuppie — geesh!)… walk the park, soak in the city. Trust me you’ll still be alive to be “Gamer Man” on Monday and you may even find yourself feeling better! Go sample the smattering of restos I gave you a list of – feed a cold remember!
    Wish Dave and Deb Best Wishes and BTW – it’s a wedding – there will be other red noses in the crowd from the cocktail consumption alone.
    Feel better and go live!
    PS Hudson’s pretty sweet, huh. Try the Cosmo in the bar…delightful even if at a heft price tag.