Sick, *again*

After my west coast tour last week, and a trip to Chicago to visit some good friends, I’ve come home and am sick. Dang it! I hate that. I guess I’ll start using Airborne and see if that helps.
Thursday I’m off to NYC for a wedding, hopefully I’ll feel better by then so I don’t infect the entire party. I’m looking forward to seeing a bit of NYC while I’m there as well. I haven’t been to the city for a few years, so that should be pretty fun. I get back Sunday, then Monday am off to Austin for the week, for the Austin Game Conference – drop me an email if you want to meet up!
I still feel like I get sick a lot more than I used to. Pretty much ever since I moved down to the SF Bay area. I think it’s due to stress, or allergies, or both. Time to start sorting that out, once all this travel has calmed down. I need to solve it if I’m going to stay in the SF Bay, which is my current plan…
Anyway. *hachoo*






5 responses to “Sick, *again*”

  1. Lee Avatar

    Hey Sniffles…
    It couldn’t be all the airplane recycled germs you’ve been gettin’ could it? Or how about the fact that you consider the light from your monitor as a replacement for Vitamin D OR that you have not taken a proper holiday in years…
    I say go plan a vacation, get some quality Mark time in and try soaking up some SF Indian Summer weather. Blaming it on a city – geesh! not like you live in Three Mile Island or anything…
    Airborne — it works! So does visiting friends more often. Chicago is a very healthy town – come back!

  2. kpallist Avatar

    yeah, I agree:
    – get some vacation time. These are the first signs your body is giving you that it is rebelling! Next up, cancer.. or flesh eating disease… or gelatinous cube or something.
    – sleep more (yeah, I know, physician heal thy self.
    – wash hands often – ESPECIALLY on airplanes.
    Have fun in NY. I prescribe a stop at the whiskey bar for drinks and site-seeing!

  3. adunne Avatar

    Hey man — if it makes you feel any better, I just got back from Chicago, and I’m sick now. So don’t go thinking Chicago is some kind of healthy town, as the previous comment would have you believe. 🙂 Seriously, it’s those damn airplanes!
    Hope all is well. Nyquil cherry flavor rocks!

  4. markdeloura Avatar

    It’s so much easier to blame my frequent illnesses on SF and not my lifestyle. 🙂 Darn it!
    I’ve been putting off creating a quiet space in my life for a long time… no doubt this has a lot to do with it. :-/
    Thanks for your replies!

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