$5 latte

I’m drinking a $5 soy latte. This must mean… yes, I’m at the airport!
Last weekend I joined a group of buddies for a San Francisco-to-Los Angeles-to-Las Vegas adventure. This weekend I’m heading to Seattle to see my brother for his birthday, and to spend some time with some old friends. When I get back Sunday night, I pack for Monday, as on Monday I head out on a San Diego-Vancouver BC-Los Angeles run. I get back Thursday night, and on Friday I head to Chicago for the weekend. Then there is a pause for a few days, followed by a trip to NYC for a wedding.
I think the Austin Game Conference is right after that, and potentially also a trip to Las Vegas to see Sasha, but those aren’t booked quite yet. Frequent flier miles… love ’em!
It’s a busy time. I’m generally the kind of guy who appreciates some down time at home to chill and recuperate from life, so I feel even more ungrounded to be doing all this. However, I do love to travel, and see friends, so on balance I view this crazy month as a blessing. Travelling encourages me to think about my life and what I’m up to, to re-evaluate and make any needed changes to my course. I appreciate that forced reflection.
In truth, I haven’t been doing much travel recently, so it’s nice to be in the airport again. I should be on the road more, there are certainly enough things that need to be done, but it just hasn’t worked out for reasons I won’t get into here. Hopefully the month of November will have a smaller number of trips for longer periods of time, and I can drop in and say hello to some of you who might be reading this. 🙂
I did pop for a new laptop (thank you, Sony Family Center) and feel like I’ve jumped out of the stone age. I can actually watch DVDs on the plane now – of course, I have a PSP for movie-watching, but there are those Netflix movies to get caught up on… 🙂






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  1. kpallist Avatar

    Hey dude,
    Your schedule’s pretty tight while you are up in seattle, but if you want to get together for a beer or coffee, drop me an email.