Fun weekend in SF

As I mentioned before, this weekend was pretty crazy in SF. I went to the anti-war rally, the SF Love Parade, and the Folsom Street Fair. Took a few pictures but not many really. Here are some better links:
LoveParade article on CNET
Robin’s Folmsom Street Fair pictures
Video on SFGate






One response to “Fun weekend in SF”

  1. Charlie Cleveland Avatar

    It was great seeing you on Sunday Mark, even for such a short time!
    I thought Folsom was a lot of fun but the real gem was the LoveParade. Mediocre name, fantastic time. The coolest part was dancing with/on the floats as the drove around. After the parade, all the trucks/floats found a place to park and effectively surrounded the Civic Center with dozens of dance stages. The weather was perfect and everyone danced!