Worst videogame dialogue ever

I picked up a few PS2 games to check out over the weekend. This has got to be some of the worst dialogue ever. Check it out:
“My boy Buck! That’s how G rida gangstas get down and dirty wit’ it. Listen homie, the world is yours. Select the next hood you wanna blaze in. Ya heard.”
“My gangsta ass nigga Buck. Listen here homie. Cortez’s crew is lining up in the hood to race. Finish first. Flip these fools wigs back. Don’t let me down. Holla Back.”
I won’t embarrass the developers by posting the name of the game. Suffice it to say I’ll never make fun of Shenmue’s dialogue again.
“Do you know where I could find some sailors?”






3 responses to “Worst videogame dialogue ever”

  1. David Avatar

    All your base are belong to us

  2. JasonR Avatar

    And someone gets paid to write this crap. I think there’s a conspiracy in the game writing world where they just write the dumbest things they can think of to see what will get published. They should just hire some guy with a tricked out car for a weekend and ask him to write down typical lines in the given situations. Instead they make databases of every ghettofied word that they can think of that noone actually uses and then use a web applet that combines them randomly.

  3. markdeloura Avatar

    yeah, pretty crazy stuff. This game just seems like it distributes random “hip words” liberally in every sentence of dialog. Sounds really wack, yo.