Ageia PhysX card

Manju Hegde, Ageia’s CEO, gave an interview to GameSpot in which he says this:
   The PhysX processor is expected to be in add-in cards by
   this Christmas at a retail price point of $249-299.
Ummmmmm are you serious? What is he smoking? Can I have some?
He better have some damn serious compelling games coming out for Christmas in order to justify that price point!






3 responses to “Ageia PhysX card”

  1. kim Avatar

    Careful. I remember EXACTLY the same criticisms being leveled at 3Dfx prior to their shipping Voodoo.:-)
    Besides. Since when does compelling games have to be a prerequisite to shipping a $300 product, Mr PSP. [OH, NO HE DI’NT JUST SAY THAT!!]

  2. JasonR Avatar

    Ouch. 😛

  3. jbyrd Avatar

    in 3dfx days, voodoo was the only game in town. ageia is late to the game (havok was there first) and ageia sells hardware, not software.
    I’ve got friends at ageia and I hope they do well, but it won’t be a shoo-in for them.