New Orleans Crisis

Right now on CNN they’re talking about the “desperate SOS” from the mayor of New Orleans. They’re showing scenes of crisis at the convention center, and at the Superdome.
But just hours ago, the chief of FEMA was on the air, saying that everything was under control, there’s enough food and water for everyone and they’re taking care of people in both locations.
Who’s telling the truth? Is this spin from FEMA, or is CNN playing up the situation because it makes such good television?
EDIT: Looks like I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. CNN Article






3 responses to “New Orleans Crisis”

  1. kim Avatar

    As with everything, the truth probably lies somewhere in between!

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    I suspect you are right! 🙂

  3. kim Avatar

    After watching some of the stuff on TV last night, it’s not just in between, it’s BOTH.
    – There clearly are some horrible conditions there, and the FEMA dude is definitely just covering his ass. Poorly at that!
    – The media is playing up the stories, even those unsubstantiated. The first were the rape stories, and the second were the “gators pulling victims to their deaths” stories. There are perhaps truths to both of them, but my point is that the media didn’t wait for that. they just put someone on to say it and then pitch it as “eye witness account”. However often it’s “ear witness who heard someone else say that…”