CodeWord – an excellent word game

I’m really digging this casual game that was posted up to Jay Bibby’s site recently. CodeWord is kind of like the old Mastermind game, where you guess a sequence and are given information on how many correct colors/positions you have, then guess again, etc. Only Codeword uses five-letter words as opposed to color sequences.
So far I’ve won it just a couple times, and I’m still working out optimal strategies. Give it a shot and tell me if you work out any useful methods!






6 responses to “CodeWord – an excellent word game”

  1. kim Avatar

    That’s a brilliant game. Great example of new twist on an old game.
    I’m going to play it some more to mind when I have time, but a couple things that come to mind:
    – you need a paper (or .EXE? Hmm) assistant to list off all the letters in teh alphabet to check off those you’ve ruled out.
    – The game would be harder – or would it be easier? If each of your entries was REQUIRED to be a word? As it stands, it’s just mastermind with more than four colors, but with a hint as to the solution based on other ‘colors’

  2. kim Avatar

    OK, I’ve solved a couple of them now. Though not super quickly. It helps to have a check-off alphabet handy, and somewhere to write down the facts you’ve established as you are going.

  3. Kiss Avatar

    He he he I remember I used to play that with my dad who kicks ass at everything like that. Anyways I would always get mad because he would do mine in less time than I did his it was so frustrating!

  4. markdeloura Avatar

    Hahahhahah that’s cool that you did that with your dad! He sounds like a good guy.
    I think I’ve finally got my strategy sorted on that game, I can win it most of the time. I hate the interface though, they should have let you use the keyboard!

  5. Jurie Horneman Avatar

    I must be too stupid to play this game… I don’t get it. If I enter ‘DREBA’ and it tells me the first three letters are right but in the wrong location, and then I enter ‘DUPER’ and it AGAIN tells me the first three letters are right but in the wrong location… it must be lying, no? How can it change my mind about what letters are right between two turns?

  6. markdeloura Avatar

    Hi Jurie,
    The buttons on the right don’t indicate position, just number of letters correct and/or in the right location. That threw me off a bit as well. Give it another shot, I swear it’s still fun 🙂