These boots are made for wailin’

I just read this interesting piece at the New York Times website (registration probably required). It talks about the new “These Boots are Made for Walkin’” song done by Jessica Simpson, designed for the Dukes of Hazzard movie.
The song is a mish-mash of country-western and electronica, designed to appeal to fans of either. I think it sounds awful. And I’ve got big ears, there’s not much music I don’t like. Maybe if I listen to it another 3000 times, I’ll start to like it. But don’t listen to me, go watch the video yourself and then read the New York Times piece.
The song reminds me a lot of Jessica Simpson herself, and if you watch the video you’ll get what I mean. Both are over-produced and vacuous. Both are also hypersexualized in an amazingly vanilla way. My eyes say “mmmm” but then my brain says “yawn”.






2 responses to “These boots are made for wailin’”

  1. Kiss Avatar

    I went to check out the video and it seems that I have already rated it as “Never play again” hmm

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    Thumbs up!