Mid-week update

I’ve been fighting off something nasty for about five days now… a crazy sore throat, which is worse in the evenings, and then at night I toss and turn and seem to put out about two times my normal body heat. Not sure what the heck is up, but today I’m going to go see my doc at Stanford and find out if he has any ideas. My theory is that it’s just strep throat. I’ve been meaning to visit the doc for some other questions too, so the visit will be useful even if he just tells me it’s a virus and will go away on its own.
Yesterday I decided to push my luck and went for a walk; it helped clear my mind as well as my lungs, and I got to see a few things along Market Street I hadn’t seen before. This graffiti in particular was so interesting that I picked up my camera from home and walked back to take some snaps.






One response to “Mid-week update”

  1. lee Avatar

    I’m sorry did you really just say “just strep throat”? Oy, what am I to do with you. “Oh no really, it is just a flesh wound”.
    For the love of god, take care of yourself boy and then get your arse on a plane and come see me!
    PS we have nice “urban art” in Chicago as well ya know…