Tits not targets






2 responses to “I SF”

  1. Kim Pallister Avatar

    Back when I was in college in Montreal, a girl was arrested in a nearby college town for going topless on campus on a sunny day.
    One thing led to another, and a thousand topless women descended upon Ottawa to protest her arrest, which was eventually thrown out of court. The judged deemed it legal for anyone, regardless of gender, to bear their torso in public.
    Bowser and Blue, a local musical comedy duo, wrote a song about the issue in which they sang:
    We often compare ourselves with the US
    and often the come out the best
    But while they have the right to bear arms,
    we have the right to bare breasts!

  2. Dave Avatar

    Do I have to throw in the standard male comment? Why aren’t the women going topless ever the ones we would actually want to? 😉