Violence debate on CNN

Lame-ass game violence “debate” on Nancy Grace’s show on CNN. Nancy Grace is a real up-and-comer in news, and CNN sees her as a rising star. So let’s hope she doesn’t decide that violent videogames are her new Michael Jackson.
At least, not if she’s going to keep inviting Jack Thompson on as the voice of reason. Sheesh!






One response to “Violence debate on CNN”

  1. goodnightfriend Avatar

    Nancy is not an up and coming star, she is a STAR!
    She has been a star since she started on Court TV in Jan. of 1997. She went head to head with Johnnie Cochran and never backed down.
    She is totally right about the video games.
    When I was a child we were taught that the police were our friends and if we needed help, we could go to them for help. Now we have video games that give you points if you can wipe all of the cops out. Totally a wrong thing to teach a child.
    I back Nancy in all of her endevors.
    Read her book! It is GREAT!
    Have a good day!