Body changes

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. The past six weeks I’ve been seeing a physical therapist twice weekly and going to the gym nearly daily, and that has added 2-3 hours of time to each day. It’s definitely a net positive though, as I’ve lost about 10 pounds and am making progress on getting some hip/back problems straightened out, however it does fill my day up a bit more than I’m used to. It feels great to be getting back into shape again.
I saw the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” last night… I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was originally a bit angry with the trailer of the movie; just the idea of such over-the-top violence against one’s spouse was pretty offensive to me. But the setup to the violence in the movie was done much, much, better than in the trailer; although the movie was full of explosions and violence it was also quite witty, and most of the violence played like foreplay more than anything else.
Two hours of staring at the two most attractive people in Hollywood doesn’t hurt either, although at times I found myself wondering if Angelina Jolie’s lips become sentient at night and crawl off in search of a collagen refill.
Incidentally, there are some great plastic surgery websites out there. Here are a few of them: Awful Plastic Surgery, Good Plastic Surgery.
I must say, I prefer Lindsay Lohan’s old look to her new, streamlined self.
Plastic surgery is really just another arrow in the quiver for those in Hollywood – people in entertainment know that it’s important to update their style now and again in order to keep their fans interested (see, for example, Madonna’s look). Plastic surgery is another way for them to do that. A more extreme way, certainly, but an understandable one for those who want to go a bit further (for whatever reason). Like Michael Jackson.
Frankly, I think the idea of plastic surgery is stupid except for cases of deformity. But I suppose everyone defines “deformity” a little differently. 🙂






2 responses to “Body changes”

  1. brian Avatar

    wow, mark, that’s great! a couple hours of exercise a day–good for you! that’s awesome!

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Agree with your Lindsey Lohan comments. Cocaine is a hell of a drug!