This is not what you want to see after an overnighter business trip, followed by too little sleep:
“You have 100 new messages”






2 responses to “Ugh”

  1. brian Avatar

    ha! but you swear you’re not just being a workaholic these days, right?
    thanks for the compliments on the writing. i have to be in the appropriate mood to do more than transcribe recipes, so those are few and far between.
    incidentally, i’ve been here for almost 2 months now and still haven’t seen you in that time. i was thinking, before i forget all the furniture places i learned about in my furnishing adventures, we should tackle your loft. especially if we can get robin out here to come along and help!

  2. Mike Mika Avatar

    So, you’re saying those are all legit e-mails? I get like 400 e-mails a day, and like maybe thirty or so are legit, the rest encourage me to do unnatural things to my anatomy or update my PayPahl account.